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Looking for french business opportunities : Ask for free review

Enter France has the objective of promoting France and its economy by attracting foreign investors in France.

Investors probably have lots of questions that are difficult to find answers to from abroad.

One key question is: “Should you start a business in France or not?”, in other words would France really be the right country for your company, in comparison with other European countries? Do you have competitors in France? Is your activity under certain regulations in France? What are the main steps to get it started?

Enter France has developed a free audit service that will answer to your primary questions.

Please feel free to fill out the following form and one of our experts will contact you shortly and provide a first personalized report. Having to deal with a high volume of questions and requests, this service is reserved to corporations only and not individuals.

This report shall not replace a full due diligence or tax & legal audit, but certainly will give a first idea that can help you, we hope, choose France to run your business.