Our workflow

1. Sending basic information and project briefing

2. Reception of a letter of engagement summarizing the scope of the work

3. Due diligence investigation

4. Deal structuration

5. Drafting of share purchase agreement & side documents

6. Signing, closing and negotiation with appropriate authorities
  1. By using our online free briefing and fee quote request, your company will provide important basic information. It is required for us to correctly assess your company’s business and your project. This information will directly be transferred to our lawyers at Delcade’s Law firm, engaging a secured and privileged communication.
  2. You will then quickly receive a letter of engagement from one of our lawyers, summarizing the next steps and fees for the incorporation services. Terms & Conditions of services will be clearly detailed. Fees may be capped to a certain amount with a transaction bonus in case of an agreement.
  3. A corporate transaction will usually start with a due diligence investigation of the potential target. The services of Enter France will include a complete due diligence investigation, including financial, strategic and legal audit of the projected French partner or acquisition. The report will include an executive summary giving a quick view of the risks & activities of the audited company. Standards are equivalent to those of international consulting companies.
  4. Experienced tax lawyers will handle the deal structuration to guarantee optimization of the transaction. Various options may be given depending on the investor’s targets and plans.
  5. A share deal will typically include drafting a SPA agreement, secured with a guarantee agreement. However, other agreements may be necessary in particular for asset deals or joint ventures.
  6. Negotiation, closing preparation and formalities are handled by Delcade’s lawyers.