Our workflow

1. Sending basic information and project briefing

2. Reception of a letter of engagement summarizing the scope of the work

3. Choosing the contract structure and the governing law

4. Contract drafting or negotiation

5. Signature and potential formalities
  1. By using our online free briefing and fee quote request, your company will provide important basic information. It is required for us to correctly assess your company’s business and your project. This information will directly be transferred to our lawyers at Delcade’s Law firm, engaging a secured and privileged communication.
  2. You will then quickly receive a letter of engagement from one of our lawyers, summarizing the next steps and fees for the incorporation services. Terms & Conditions of services will be clearly detailed.
  3. Parties are usually free to decide what will be included in the French contract. However, some agreements are regulated by the French Civil Code or French Commercial Code and will imply the knowledge of local public order laws. Lawyers will help in finalizing the contract’s content and choosing the governing law.
  4. Contract drafting implies a close interaction between the firm’s lawyers and the client for the contract’s content to be well tailored to the client’s requirement. Tax lawyers will again be able to help with transfer pricing issues.
  5. Following the contract’s signature, certain formalities may be necessary, particularly for contracts triggering IP transfers, sale agreements and rental or real-estate purchase agreements.