Our workflow

1. Identification of tax issues

2. Letter of engagement summarizing the scope of work

3. Tax planning

4. Tax recommendations

5. Implementation, structuring
  1. By using our online free briefing and fee quote request, your company will provide important basic information. It is required for us to correctly assess your company’s business and your project. This information will directly be transferred to our lawyers at Delcade’s Law firm, engaging a secured and privileged communication.
  2. You will then quickly receive a letter of engagement from one of our lawyers, summarizing the next steps and fees for the tax services. Terms & Conditions of services will be clearly detailed.
  3. Once the letter of engagement is agreed upon and signed, our lawyers will quickly get in touch to advise you regarding the best legal form and will then finish drafting the by-laws. A draft can be issued very quickly, if the online briefing has been fully completed.
  4. Formalities are processed once all documents are received by our office – an attorney will supervise the file until the registration certificate is received. When administrative authorization is necessary for regulated activities such as military, telecom, or other sensible activities, the necessary applications will be done on behalf of the incorporated company.