Enter France’s team has worked on the development of various distribution networks in France.

You can either choose commercial agents or distributors to market your product. Other options may also exist like setting up a franchise network.

Commission agents, also known as commercial or sales agents, work as middlemen between vendors and buyers. An agent is a person authorized to act on behalf of another, called the ‘principal’, to create a legal relationship with a third party. Therefore, these individuals work independently as contracted, third-party workers, not employees of their principals. Commission agents conduct business under their own names, which gives a measure of anonymity to their principals while allowing the agents a certain degree of autonomy. On the other hand, appointing a commercial agent means that you keep a hand on any commercial operations regarding your products and brands.

Commercial agents benefit from substantial legal protection which are different from those given to employees. Although, they possess the freedom to act and make deals as they choose, a commercial agent will more likely be your subordinate, meaning that they will execute orders and follow regulations and policies from your foreign central office.

You may opt to negotiate and sign a distribution agreement with a French distributor who already has an established network.

However, while it is true that the commercial terms and conditions of a distribution agreement are more dependent on the commercial practices of your sector of activity and the parties’ negotiations, than on applicable law, attention should nevertheless be paid to certain mandatory requirements intended to protect competition, set forth by French or EU law.

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Enter France has a lengthy experience applying customized solutions designed to assist you in developing your market entry strategy and to facilitate your export venture in France.

In that respect, we are actively looking for the ideal partners which could act either as your commercial agents or your distributors.

After carrying out a thorough due diligence analysis of their business and after evaluating their trustworthiness, we will arrange meetings at our offices to find the ideal partners.

Enter France is your perfect business matchmaker.